Play-Doh (also the title artwork for the metal colors exhibition)

Image courtesy of Jeff Koons

First of all sorry for not posting a super high res image, the only one I could find had slightly faded colors so I picked this ones straight from the artist’s website.

This enormous (3.33×2.82m) oil on canvas is dated 1995-2008, which means it basically took 13 years before Koons could produce a version he was satisfied with (must be hard to be an artist, right?). According to the exhibition catalog of his retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art, Jeff Koons completely slashed an earlier version of this painting because he wasn’t satisfied with its colors, although it had already been published and exhibited.

I was lucky to be able to see this painting irl at the Jeff Koons retrospective of the Centre Pompidou in Paris, but otherwise it’s part of the artist’s collection so you’ll either have to buy it or to hunt it down in exhibitions. It is based on a photograph of a mound of play-doh, but it was my favorite piece of the exhibition. There is actually a giant sculpture by Jeff Koons which reproduces the mound of play-doh in this painting but it wasn’t displayed in Paris.Speaking of sculptures, one of two of his equally impressive metallic sculptures will probably appear on the blog as part of the exhibition.

So a word about my exhibition now. As mentioned in my About page, I want this museum to run exhibitions just like any real life museum would. This painting inspired my first theme, entitled Metal Colors (you can find the rest of the artwork relating to this theme under the Metal Colors hashtag). In case the name isn’t self-explanatory enough, this exhibition will be driven by artworks that display a significant connection between metal and colors, not necessarily in a strikingly obvious way. This painting, for example, isn’t made on metallic medium but features colorful reflections in a metallic background. So this is basically the kind of things you should expect to see in the next few weeks, and stay updated even if modern art is not your thing cause Metal Color really opens the door for countless options.


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