AIR: London 6K

All photos courtesy of Vincent Laforet

This incredible set of pictures was taken from a helicopter above London on the night of May 13 2015 by the photographer Vincent Laforet. The photos are part of a project entitled AIR and will be published in an upcoming book which you can already pre-order. London is actually the first European city to be featured on this project; up next are Paris and Berlin.

There’s two main things going on with this particular collection, urban planing and lightning. The artists was a bit concerned about London being an organic city as opposed to a planned city with perpendicular street. He describes is as “chaotic” and at first he was concerned that it may not render as aesthetically as some of the cities he had photographed in the US. However, it turns out that London is actually beautiful from above and that geometry and patterns can be found even in the seemingly disorganized planning.

Another comment Laforet makes concerns the vibrant colors transmitted from the lightning. I am not going to go into technical details but the colors you can see in these photos are partly due to the increased use of LED lights, and partly due to the great sensitivity of the camera. Basically yay for 2015!

Anyway I find these photos absolutely incredible, I think they show the city in a totally different and unexpected way (and make me miss it a lot!). I know I’ve been drifting to lightning a bit in the Metal Colors exhibition but I couldn’t resist. Also some of these pics definitely have a great metal to light color thing going on. You can and you should check out the rest of the set right here (and also read the story behind the shooting).


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