Nobu Usuzukuri

IMG_7422I had this amazing mandala-shaped dish for my birthday dinner at China Chilcano, one of chef Jose Andres‘s restaurants in Washington DC. This restaurant is Peruvian/Asian (mainly Chinese and Japanese) fusion; and though it seems like a very far fetched combination, everything was amazing and I highly recommend you visit this place. Mostly the fusion happens in that Chinese and Japanese culinary styles and principles are applied to native Peruvian ingredients. This is actually a thing and it has a name: Chifa for the Chinese inspired dishes and Nikkei for the Japanese. The restaurant also has more traditional Peruvian food, also known as Criollo.

I’m not here to write a restaurant review though, so let me tell you more about this dish. First of all I had no idea it would look like this when I ordered it so I was quite amazed. It is most closely related to the Nikkei cuisine, and you can find it under Tiraditos in the menu, which stands for a sashimi-inspired raw fish dish. This particular one features Hawaiian sun-fish, watermelon radishes, and a seaweed salad. The sauces are white soy ponzu and aji limo pepper. It was a totally new and beautiful experience, and I hope to encounter and feature more of Jose Andres’s creations in the future.


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