Anthropométrie Sans Titre

Image courtesy of MAMAC

Today is Bastille day, so I thought I would pay tribute to a great French artist, Yves Klein. He is mainly famous for creating this shade of blue which is now named after him; but he was a great lover of color in general and he notably worked with gold and pink too.

This is my favorite painting of his. It is part of the Anthropométries series, which is possibly one of his most famous ones. For this series he asked nude female models to cover themselves in paint and imprint their silhouettes on the canvases. This series was realized in 1960. What I love the most about this painting is how well the gold and the blue complete each other. It’s like each color enhances the other.

This work is exhibited at the Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain in Nice, along with a few other of Klein’s pieces.


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