Thistle Window

DSC_1212This stained glass window comes from the James A. Patten house in Evanston, Illinois; which was designed in 1901 by architect George Maher. It was originally in the Great Room, next to the fireplace, and it forms part of a group of three identical windows. The one pictured is exhibited at the MFA Boston and the other two are in the Met Museum and the Huntington Library.

This example is the only one I have seen in real life and I really appreciated to see it exhibited on a real window. Way too often, stained glass in museums is exhibited on an opaque wall which really doesn’t render the effects of light on the colors properly. That’s also why I chose to use my own picture here rather than the one on any of the websites that have one of the windows; but if you want to see it more in details you can just look up “Thistle Window” on the MFA’s website.

PS: I know this isn’t conventionally an archaeological object but I’m posting it in the archaeology gallery by elimination. And also because I don’t want to open an architecture gallery because it’s not really my thing and it wouldn’t be very rich.


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