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When I first started this blog, I only had in mind the online museum idea, which you can read more about below. But after some constructive criticism, I decided to add the musings and reviews part so that I could share not only interesting artwork but also real life experiences.

The museum part is an online projection of things I would love to exhibit if I had my own museum. It’s an idea that came to me after a couple of months of job searching unsuccessfully. I just thought well if no museum is willing to employ me I might as well make my own.

Just as a in a real museum, there are periodical exhibitions which you can track through tags. Some posts will be unrelated though, so you can consider them as part of the permanent collection.

This virtual museum is organized into galleries. The fun part with it being online is that I can have some eclectic galleries that wouldn’t really match in a real life museum. Here’s a small walk-through.

  • Amazing food: Here’s something you won’t see often in a museum because of obvious conservation issues but I think it definitely counts as art and I wish I could share the taste with you too (who knows, maybe one day…)
  • Archaeology: Tons of awesome artifacts from all periods and places because discrimination is not cool.
  • Fashion: As Blair Waldorf once said, fashion is the most powerful art there is. It’s movement, design and architecture all in one. So there you have it. A mix of designer pieces and beautiful outfits.
  • Illustration: Pretty self explanatory, we’re talking manual and digital mediums.
  • Mandalas: The mandala gallery is kind of special because I’m the one who colored them. It’s been a passion of mine since 2012 and I’m delighted to be able to share it.
  • Music Room: The music room is where you’d go to when you’re sick of looking at stuff and you just want to listen.
  • Painting: Some classic museum material here but here is your chance to see a compilation of great paintings all in one place (go see them in real life too if you can though it’s not the same thing).
  • Photography: Famous and less famous images. Selfies not included.
  • Sculpture: Some 3D stuf in a 2D page. Still worth checking out I think.

The musings and reviews part is more about sharing real life experiences. At first, I only had in mind to review museums but this is actually a space to check out many types of cultural activities. These are my personal musings so their locations will vary according to where I am (or have been) in space.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Therese Saliba says:

    Wonderful Lamia, amazing job done,
    Great idea, very creative.
    I loved a lot walking through your museum. Your thoughts, your comments, your feelings expressed smoothly, allowed me to really connect to your virtual museum.
    Good continuation and good luck

    Liked by 1 person

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