Alluring Siren | Spooky to Surreal Exhibtion

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Apologies for the less frequent posting but as you may know I’m working now and it’s been quite busy this week.

The good news is it’s October which means Halloween month, and I decided to have a special exhibition to celebrate my favorite holiday. Spooky to Surreal will be about all things strange and out of place, and the first entry in this exhibit is an actual Halloween costume. This look was created by Maane Ulv as a contest entry for the Lookbook x Blackmilk Halloween contest in 2013.

Three links are worth checking out if you’re interested:

Langoustine au casier

Image courtesy of Anne-Sophie Pic

This is one of Anne-Sophie Pic’s signature dishes. It consists of grilled crayfish in butter, with a sauce flavored with green apple, celery, anise, and cinnamon leaf. The sauce constitutes the most interesting element of this dish and Pic developed it with the aim of it being complex in the making but simple in tasting. She wanted to have an elaborate sauce that still had distinguishable ingredients. I can’t tell you if she succeeded since I haven’t tried it (yet!) but it doesn’t look too shabby to me.

Anne-Sophie Pic is the daughter and granddaughter of chefs; but she did not decide to become one herself until she already had completed business studies. She’s a self-taught chef who is always seeking to develop flavors and tastes. She experiments with little known ingredients and different modes of preparation. Her style of cuisine is really simple but it’s also very sophisticated. You can discover more here.

No No Ikebana

Image courtesy of the Guggenheim Museum

This series of 3 chromogenic prints by Sharon Lockhart, 2003, show Ikebana arranged by Haruko Takeichi. Ikebana is the Japanese art of aesthetically arranging florals. Takeichi is part of a rural community that creates Ikebana with vegetables and crops as a response to the elitist aspect of the art. These photographs were taken over the course of a month as Lockhart is interested in showing the effects of time on the composition. At the Guggenheim, they are displayed side by side in three separate frames; which I think serves this purpose better than stacking them on top of each other. Stay tuned for a review of the Guggenheim and head over to Sharon Lockhart’s website┬áif you’d like to check out more of her art.

Lime Green Icicle Tower

DSC_1219This incredible sculpture is a blown glass and steel installation made in 2011 by American artist Dale Chihuly. It is currently exhibited in the Shapiro courtyard at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (check out my review here). This piece is over 12m tall, you can compare it to the size of the people in the picture, and it looks like a huge pile of leaves. I think it looks great where it is exhibited, it’s so eye-catching but without being imposing. Stay tuned for more work by Chihuly because I’m a great fan of his art and I find it incredibly impressive.