Spectral Bond – Light as Wave


Image courtesy of McKenzie Fine Art

Today we’re looking at a drawing by Amy Myers, whose work reflect on her childhood in a family of physicians and on the female body. Yay for self-reflection again. This drawing from 2015 is gouache, pastel, and conte crayon on paper. Actually, Amy Myers uses many sheets of paper that she assembles together during her process. Her drawings are always symmetrical, but not always centered. I just picked a centered one because I’m a sucker for perfect symmetry. I like how whimsical and light her drawings are, while at the same time being very complex. Also as you may know by now, I like art that has a strong concept behind this; and this is definitely the case. You can really grasp the concept of atoms and networks, space, and the human body by just looking at the piece, which is what makes it successful in my opinion.

So keep an eye out for Amy Myers, cause I think she’s going places.

And here is a detail of the artwork since I couldn’t get a high res picture of the full one.


Image courtesy of Hyperallergic



Image courtesy of Agata Wierzbicka

This illustration takes the mirror image to a level of non symmetry that I find quite interesting. I mean obviously the image responds to itself with an added detail but it another thing that makes it diverge from symmetry in the traditional sense is the way the subjects are laid out. It’s clearly not a perfect mirror image but that means it’s also not a flat one; and this is also helped by the grey background and the unfinished feel that this illustration has.

This is a typical characteristic of Agata Wierzbicka’s work which you can check out here.

Hibiscus Fish

Image courtesy of Limzy

It would seem like I have become a Sunday blogger but I guess this comes with actually having a job and trying to have a social life too.

Anyway I’ll make it up with really great art (at least I think so), starting with this super illustration/mixed media print by Taiwanese artist Lim Zhi Wei, who goes by the name of Limzy. She works mainly with leaves and flowers, both on paper and as installation.

Her Blooming Fish series is probably my favorite, and you can check it out here. I had such a hard time picking only one for the blog. I like this series because I think it’s one of her most original artwork. Her more fashion-oriented Flower Works is beautiful as well.

If you like her work, you can follow her on wordpress here and check out her shop here.

Edward Scissorhands

Image courtesy of Brent Noll

To continue Halloween month in style, I chose to display this drawing of Edward Scissorhands drawn by Tim Burton himself. I did dress up as this character for Halloween once and it is one of my favorite movies, so I didn’t really hesitate to pick a Tim Burton drawing. Speaking of which, you can look at some of them on his website over here.

Hydrangeas and Swallow

Image courtesy of the MFA

I saw this woodblock print by Hokusai (from an ink and color on paper illustration) at the MFA during the Hokusai exhibition. This piece from 1833 struck me as my favorite among all the artworks that were displayed, so I decided to share it here. It’s still part of the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, as was all the content of this exhibitions, but it is not currently on display.

Icarus Complex

Image courtesy of Gonzalo Fuenmayor

Image courtesy of Gonzalo Fuenmayor

This charcoal on paper drawing by Gonzalo Fuenmayor was realized in 2011, as part of a project entitled “Tropicalia” which explores mixed identities in colonial Latin America. He uses strong symbolic imagery to represent clichés of exoticism with the banana plants and Victorian luxury and opulence with the chandelier for example. The point is to find equilibrium and harmony within this contrast of cultures.

This art actually sets the stage for a photography project which I will post about tomorrow done in 2014, where Fuenmayor takes these concepts even further, so make sure you come back to check out the Papare project. In the meantime, you can look at more of his works on his website or head to the MFA to see his first solo exhibition which is on until September 13.

Floral Fashion Portrait-Sakura

Image courtesy of Sunny Gu

I know I’ve been posting lots of flowers and hummingbirds lately but I couldn’t resist showing you guys this stunning illustration by Los Angeles based illustrator Sunny Gu. This one is part of a series created in 2011; and I seriously had such a hard time picking just one illustration because they are all so beautiful. As most of Gu’s illustrations, it is done in watercolor. The cherry blossoms here are used as a symbol for femininity, love, and nature renewal.

I discovered this artist on Instagram (you can follow me by clicking here); she has a very girly and colorful universe that takes inspiration from nature and fashion. She’s a young and up and coming illustrator, and I highly suggest you check out more of her art here. She also has an etsy store if you’re interested in buying some of her art. Stay tuned for more pretty things.


Image courtesy of Sara Golish

Nefertum is one of the ten Sun goddesses illustrated by Canadian artist Sara Golish for her Sundust series (which you can take a look at here). This series is a project centered around the theme of the Summer solstice (June 21), a date celebrated in many cultures. Here, the artist focuses on Africa, and the striking lack of female sun-deities there. She depicts ten female sun goddesses as a response to this ; and as a vision of the future embodying fertility and light.

This collection is amazing, and you can buy the prints on Golish’s website (over here). Make sure you also look at the rest of her work and stay in touch for updates because I’m following her progress.

Blood Orange II

Image courtesy of Kendra Dandy

Kendra Dandy, known as Bouffants and Broken Hearts is a surface pattern designer who creates patterns with a natural and vintage inspiration. Her favorite subject to paint are citrus fruits because they have so many different visual renderings possible. I had such a hard time picking just one design, they are all beautiful; and you can also shop some of them as pillow cases, phone covers, mugs, and other cool objects right here.

Pool side motel

Image courtesy of DigitalArts

This lithographic illustration by Yoko Honda is part of an 80s inspired series which are published in the book Summertime Love (available here) published in 2014. All the illustration have gorgeous vibrant colors and prominent geometric shapes; and hopefully we’ll be seeing more of this artist very soon.