Mandala 11


Spectral Bond – Light as Wave


Image courtesy of McKenzie Fine Art

Today we’re looking at a drawing by Amy Myers, whose work reflect on her childhood in a family of physicians and on the female body. Yay for self-reflection again. This drawing from 2015 is gouache, pastel, and conte crayon on paper. Actually, Amy Myers uses many sheets of paper that she assembles together during her process. Her drawings are always symmetrical, but not always centered. I just picked a centered one because I’m a sucker for perfect symmetry. I like how whimsical and light her drawings are, while at the same time being very complex. Also as you may know by now, I like art that has a strong concept behind this; and this is definitely the case. You can really grasp the concept of atoms and networks, space, and the human body by just looking at the piece, which is what makes it successful in my opinion.

So keep an eye out for Amy Myers, cause I think she’s going places.

And here is a detail of the artwork since I couldn’t get a high res picture of the full one.


Image courtesy of Hyperallergic

Mandala 6


Here’s a mandala drawn by Nina Cobri that I colored in 2013.

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Mandala 5

DSC_1111I colored this mandala illustrated by Montserrat Vidal in 2015. This illustration is inspired by designs from the Casa Lleó Morrera in Barcelona, on of the buildings that are an icon of modernism in the city. You can learn more about this house here.