Image courtesy of Agata Wierzbicka

This illustration takes the mirror image to a level of non symmetry that I find quite interesting. I mean obviously the image responds to itself with an added detail but it another thing that makes it diverge from symmetry in the traditional sense is the way the subjects are laid out. It’s clearly not a perfect mirror image but that means it’s also not a flat one; and this is also helped by the grey background and the unfinished feel that this illustration has.

This is a typical characteristic of Agata Wierzbicka’s work which you can check out here.

Untitled Series by AmourAmelia

All images courtesy of AmourAmelia

This set was created in November 2014 by a young photographer who goes by the name of AmourAmelia.I particularly like the fact that these photos are portraits and landscapes at the same time. It gives them quite a strong identity. Otherwise, I think she has really good editing skills and is worth checking out (click here for her website).

Floral Fashion Portrait-Sakura

Image courtesy of Sunny Gu

I know I’ve been posting lots of flowers and hummingbirds lately but I couldn’t resist showing you guys this stunning illustration by Los Angeles based illustrator Sunny Gu. This one is part of a series created in 2011; and I seriously had such a hard time picking just one illustration because they are all so beautiful. As most of Gu’s illustrations, it is done in watercolor. The cherry blossoms here are used as a symbol for femininity, love, and nature renewal.

I discovered this artist on Instagram (you can follow me by clicking here); she has a very girly and colorful universe that takes inspiration from nature and fashion. She’s a young and up and coming illustrator, and I highly suggest you check out more of her art here. She also has an etsy store if you’re interested in buying some of her art. Stay tuned for more pretty things.