Rendezvous of Friends – The Friends Become Flowers

Image courtesy of the Museum of Modern Art

This is a painting (oil on canvas) by Max Ernst from 1928, currently exhibited at the MoMA in New York. I saw it in real life when I visited the MoMA back in June (stay tuned for the review).

L’or de l’azur

Image courtesy of Huma3

Continuing with the logic of this start up week, here is one of my favorite paintings. L’or de l’azur by Miró, 1967, exhibited at the Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona. I also had the chance to see this painting in real life, and I even have the t-shirt version of it; it’s quite impressive (the painting not the t-shirt).

It’s an acrylic on canvas believed to represent cosmological themes, and you can learn more about it on the website of the foundation which is a great museum I might write a review about someday soon.